🍂Palettes You Must Own for Fall🎨

Fall is finally here! 

So, we all know what that means ' it's time to bring out the warm colors girls. 

I am such a bold, warm groupie lover. The bolder, the warmer, the better in my opinion. Of Course, you may have to do a little shopping, because if you have been having fun all summer playing in light, bold colors than your makeup bin maybe in need of some new colors.
Hopefully, I can be of some assistance on a few palettes that you can try out this season if you haven't already. 

In all honestly, I am a darker girl, and when shopping palettes for my skin tone can sometimes be a bit tricky. But warmer, darker shadows work out so perfectly for me.

In my opinion, warmer shadows look good on all women. Especially for perfect occasions and holidays. Honestly, I  have all sorts of online orders (lazy me) that I have purchased this week alone. For my beautiful fall nights.LOL. 
Here is a list of few Palette brands that you must try, that are good. Whether you are a matte lover or a more Shimmer Pigment, this is for you. 


1. Morphe Palette

Morphe Palettes have the best palettes. Before I purchased my first one a few months ago, I did do my research and heard so many great things about this palette.  The Morphe palette I own, I just about use every day. I recently ordered another with a lot of warm fall like colors. It's truly a great palette to have and own.  Morphe has a variety of Mattes, and Shimmer colors Palettes that you can choose from, Morphe palette usually run anywhere from 22.00 dollars and up.


2. Anastasia

It's truly a #1 Favorite palettes for makeup lovers. I have a few of these, they are long-lasting, and you don't have to use a lot of product to work with to create a  beautiful eyeshadow look.  Anastasia Palettes are amazing palettes. 

A Little bit more pricey. This palette goes for $42 bucks. 


3. BH Cosmetics

I own more than a few of BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes. You can shop any palette that you feel is just right for you.  BH Cosmetics palettes are great and not that expensive. You can purchase a beautiful palette at a starting price as low $12.00


4. J Cats Beauty

These glitter shadows are all you need to add a little something extra to your makeup look. The trick with these glitter powders are, it takes very little to apply, and you don't have to add and wear other shadows with the glitter. All you need to do is use the glitter base primer and add the glitter powder. And if it's applied correctly you turn a basic face into a full glam beat face. I use these all the time. I get them from my local Beauty supply store for as low as $2.99. With glitter base primer together it costs me about 5 or 6 bucks.


5. Wet n wild

Perfect for creating the warm makeup autumn look you may be going for this fall. I love these palettes, and you can find these palettes at just about anywhere. Your local Walmart, target, and Ulta. I picked them from my local target for about $5.00. Another one of my favorite palettes


6. Morphe Jacklyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette

The Jacklyn Palette is another great palette that so many makeup lovers love.  I haven't tried this one yet, but this certainly one on my list to try this fall. I think this palette starts off at about $38.00.