If The 👠 Fits Strut

 Dress on Monday like you would if it's Friday. 


Ever buy something that you just have sitting in your closet, and it takes you forever to wear finally? 

Well, that was me with this blouse. When I purchased the shirt, I did buy with another bottom, and it did not pair well at all, but recently came across this skirt that was on sale, and it was all I needed to complete this look. 

 My Monday was lit with this style. 

Details on this look. 

Enetire Outfit from @ www.charlotterusse.com

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Blouse: White Strappy Caged Bodysuit Thin straps sit above a plunging neckline, where additional straps connect to create a sexy caged design. I love the tucked in worrt free look that body suits give my fram

Laced Up Pencil Skirt, ponte knit, weaving faux suede laces all the way up the sides through metal grommets and canvas trim! High-rise/ Color: Burgandy

  Dress like everyday is your Friday

Blogger Love, Mrs,Nelson