👛 10 Things Women Must Always Carry👛

Here are 10 items a woman should always carry with her. 

Here are Ten items a woman should always carry with her. 


1. Lipstick: Even if we haven't had time to put on our face, pull at a nice deep dark or light lipstick whatever you prefer can turn your look around in seconds. Natural flawless finish with a touch of color. 





2. Breath Mints:  No bad wants bad Breath or wants to smell one. After that tuna lunch or that garlic spaghetti dinner, save yourself the embarrassment and pop a mint.  





3. Feminine Wipes/ All I am going to say is in case the unexpected happens, save yourself the embarrassment and carry on. 




4. Hair Tie: Sometimes the weather can set us up for failure when it comes to our hair, and spend hours curling your hair all to have it frizz up really bad when you make it out of the house to two seconds. Carry a hair tie always it's a life saver. 

5. Compact/ Mirror: Essential for Makeup fixer uppers and getting that red lipstick off your teeth. 






6. Hand Sanitizer: We come in contact with many germs and bacteria daily, nothing like taking it home with you. Ewwwww!








7.  Safety Pins:  In case you have a wardrobe malfunction a safety pin is a quick fixer until you get home. 

8. Emergency Contact information very crucial you never plan for accidents etc, but they do happen, you certainly need something that can help identify you.

9. Aspirin: No wants to be out running errands and an unexpected headache hits you, I hate when that happens, but there is nothing some Tylenol aspirin can't get rid of and give me my day back. 

10. Light Snack you never know when you may be in traffic a little longer than expected and you get hungry and light headed. Pack a light snack to hold you over until you can eat.