🌸 Happy Mother's Day Message/ Most Stylish MOMS🌸

 Happy Mother's Day Moms Everywhere!  

I know we don't have the luxury of being in the spotlight like these celebrities moms do, but here on MrsNelson's Blog, I want you to know you are the true celebrities in the eyes of your children and around the world.  

And although these women live their lives in the spotlight these are my picks for the most stylish moms we all are watching. 

1. Mother Tina Lawson: The Mother Of Queen Bey. We certainly know a strong foundation is the root to a strong woman, as Beyonce has shared with us, we know Miss Tina has had a lot to do with that, as well as keeping Queen Bey styled and grounded. Thank You Mother Tina for sharing your daughter with us. 


2.  Beyonce Knowles- Carter:  We've watched Queen Bey since she was 17. She has made us move to her beat and helped us all at one point bring out our inner Beyonce. LOL. A  Mother of 3 soon   Mom to Beautiful Blu Ivy- Carter  and while she prepares for twins continues to  slay our lives away. 

3. Mariah Carey:  Truly the Queen Diva,  she is always taking our breaths away and forever living on our playlist. This mother of two is still making moves while demanding the world's  attention. 

4. Kris Jenner: This Queen has turned her world into an empire with her kids, this momanger is on top of everything, keep up and managing   all 7 of her children and making things happen. 

5. Jennifer Lopez: Can she be any more Perfect? Jlo continues to shine.  This mother of two  definitely works hard and makes being a mother look easy. 

6. Kourtney Kardashian: I can't get enough of Kourtney, I think I enjoy her the most at times when I watch KUWK. The soft beautiful , gluten free mom of three loves her babies, lives her life and manages to  balance it all out.  All Moms Need to do this.