👙Swimsuits like these are Made for Curves Like Mine 👙


I don't Know if you're like me, but sometimes my biggest struggle is how is see myself in a swimsuit.  Although I workout, and for the most part try to stay on a healthy eating track, it's has always been something I have struggled slightly with. I mean who doesn't want to look like a Baywatch babe in their bikini. 

Well! of course, wishful thinking. Lol. I happen to love and embrace my curves and my beautiful body. I have to think that of myself because truthfully, the only thing that matters is how we see ourselves. I am not perfect, this body of mine has pushed out two children and I do my best take care of it.  I love my body and the skin I am in.

And  I want to encourage anyone who may have even the slightest little insecurity to embrace your self-love yourself and know you are beautiful and God has created you to be unique, and different for a reason. 


Swimsuit: Rue21

eels: Charlotte Russe