Actress Melissa Bolona Has The Only Playlist You Will Need For Your Next Workout

Actress Melissa Gets You Ready For Your Next Workout With Her Own Curated Playlist

Finding the right playlist can be instrumental to a great workout. Music can inspire you to keep going if you are tired, and help you get in the mood for whatever type of workout you are about to perform. Model and actress Melissa Bolona is no stranger to grueling workouts and a busy schedule. Despite constantly traveling between New York and Los Angeles for acting, modeling and philanthropic work, Bolona has managed to stay in shape. Here are some hits from Melissa’s top workout playlists to help keep you motivated:

1. Fade by Kanye West: This is a great song to help you warm up, cool down, or keep a slow and steady rhythm.

2. Freedom By Beyoncé: Another steady track with a great beat. This song helps you forget that you are working, and allows you to enjoy the lyrics.

3. Chase You Down By Rungaround: This one is a little bit faster for when you need to get your heart rate going.    

4. All The Way Up by Fat Joe, Remy Ma and French Montana: A fun beat with inspirational lyrics to keep you going when you are feeling tired and ready to give-up. The beat is steady, but the melody and lyrics are fierce.

5. Might Not by Belly the Weeknd: Helps keep you going with a steady beat while you are cooling down or simply slowing down a bit to catch your breath.

6. Can’t Stop the Feeling! By Justin Timberlake: A great song that inspires you to move and work. This is good for cardio, lifting, stretching, and dance workouts.

Listening to music is the perfect way to make physical fitness fun. These recommendations from Melissa will turn even the most grueling workout into a fun experience. For a list of upcoming movies featuring Melissa, check out Melissa Bolona IMDB.  



















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