CYBLOG MONDAY ๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘  You Don't Want Miss this!

 Happy CYBLOG Monday: On my blog. Here I will be offering and telling you about the must have deals for the week that won't break your bank. I don't know about you, but I am truly a sucker for saving money and still being totally fabulous doing so.

SO I hope you will subscribe to my blog and each week catch the best deals of the week that I personally shop and research for us to all have:) 

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Last week I was able to put a fabulous look together from a  couple of items I received from  the amazing Blogher16 Conference I attended,  where keynote speakers such as Kim K, Cheryl Crowe, and Sarah Michelle Gellar spoke at just to name a few spoke at .  
This Conference  was nothing short of amazing and along with sharing a room with so many inspiring women, we received mini gifts that I am all so in love with, one, in particular, I can't stop talking about or wearing it, it's  my Beautiful Necklace from Diamond and Coal Company.

I guess I just love the fact that this necklace is so light and tasteful and extremely a great quality piece that  I can match  up with just about any style I choose for the day whether it's a white tee or a light loosely blouse. This company has the perfect pieces for your everyday Classy Casual Fashion style. And I plan on having a piece for every one of my  Fashion styles.  

If  You happen to be a fashion freak like me and are looking for that next beautiful accessory  to add even more taste of greatness to your style than be sure to shop and visit@www.diamondsandcoaljewelry/collections/electroformed  

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 I Wore again this past Sunday, while on the road with family:)

Treat yourself to something nice today:)

Blogger Love, Mrs.Nelson๐Ÿ’‹