How to take Eye Catching Instagram photos📷

Everyone is taking Instagram pics these days... But snapping a picture that will increase your likes and follow... Doesn't seem to be that easy. We all know that Instagram has become an intricate part of our everyday lives. We go there to see what’s going on in the world, to the documenting details of our followers. Most of us Live to post photos that document our life’s Journey. But how do I get flawless pics like those bloggers?

Well many bloggers, editors and smart phone photographer seem to have it down to a science. With every photo they round up hundreds of likes each time. We have not found the formula to getting you onto the popular page, but we have found steps to getting you closer. We have collected some of the best Instagram accounts to figure out what it takes to get eye catching photos. From #tbt to #ootd to #wcw... Here Are 6 tips and tricks on how to take amazing Instagram photos,