Spring Fashion favorites.

Pencil Skirts.

I am so ready for spring. My favorite go to for spring and summer are Pencil Skirts paired up with a nice Pointy toe Heels. I think it adds Class and Sexy all in one style. Pencilskirts are good for showing  off your curves and  certainly adding a lot of class depending on how you wear it, the Pefect pencil skirt is not too short or too long.

More Blazers:

Sometimes in the winter it can be little to cold for your perfect blazer, you have to have layers of coats and scarfs and more to keep you warm; with Spring right around the corner Blazer jackets are Pefect For you to top off that perfect fashion look. Spring time is even more perfect for Blazers, pair it up with a nice boyfriend jeans, a nice dress or a nice  skirt. Perfect for Spring. I am certainly a lover of the Blazer jacket my go to. 

Hats: If you haven't notice Hats are having a huge impact these days,  especially the Fedora Hats. Hats are becoming an even bigger part of your everyday woman's fashion style today. Pefect for all year around, buts especially Pefect for spring. Adding such. Diva style and sexy to your Pefect fashion outfit.

Pointy Toe Heels: These are what every girl must have. These heels are Pefect for any occasion, these heels are light weight and add such style to your everyday fashion. Yes! I have a closet full of these heels I love them, certainly a spring fashion favorite go to.