Turning 29 Feels So Good/ Thankful For Another Year

This past Friday I celebrated my 29th Birthday.  I am very Thankful and Blessed to see another year,  as I embark on a new journey in my life.

At this point in my life,  I can honestly say that I  feel better than I did when I turned 21. I finally feel like I have found what is close to my purpose and I love it.  My family and I travel a lot, and I am totally  in a different place than I was last year. I am  truly enjoying my life, in a different way.  I feel more confident and a more comfortable in who I am, in my own skin, more so  than I ever have before. I know that this is only the beginning as to what's to come in my 30's and so on.  29 truly feels good. 


Beauty Begins the Moment you finally decide to be yourself. 

Blogger Love, Mrs.Nelson